It’s all about Fashion For Brooke Malik

It’s all about Fashion For Brooke Malik

Brooke Malik - Cicchini Men's Fashion Stylist

How awesome is it when someone loves what they do. That’s why it’s all about fashion for Brooke Malik  since she really enjoys her work and truly loves doing it. Ever since she was a little girl she dreamed about being in the fashion business. However, most people are very surprised when they learn that she works mostly in the men’s clothing industry. Brooke, whose entire name is Brooke Garwood Malik graduated from Central Michigan University. It was here where she attained her education in Economics and a Bachelors of Science in Business. Most of her friends were always commending her due to Brooke’s great penchant for clothing. Mrs. Malik is happily married to casino entrepreneur and business mogul Michael J. Malik Sr.
 After she completed her graduation, Miss Garwood predisposed herself to becoming a revolutionist in men’s custom clothing. It was early in 2001 when celebrated custom clothier Paul Cicchini first employed and brought her on to the Cicchini corporation.
Leading stylist and Fashionista Brooke Garwood
It was here where she ended up bringing a forceful enough change in the men’s clothing styles which earned her accolades and respect among her colleagues and friends. Soon after Brooke began working with many celebrities, people of high stature, sports stars and other professionals as well.
When Ms. Garwood was asked during an interview how she managed to make it seem so easy she simply smiled and replied “It’s all very easy when you love what you do” It’s all about fashion for the woman from Troy, Michigan. It’s all about men’s fashion and style for Brooke Malik.