Brooke Malik or Brooke Garwood Malik as she is also known is a successful retailer in the men’s fashion industry. You can find out more about her here in her blogger site called About Brooke Garwood Malik  where you can learn about some of her most recent accomplishments and achievements. Brooke Garwood is happily married to her very successful husband  Michael J. Malik Sr. whom is well known for his work in the casino and gambling industry.

Brooke Malik - All About Brooke!

Brooke Garwood Malik posing in one of the men’s retail stores.

Brooke is praised all over for her excellent ideas in a fashion world industry that is normally reserved for men. She has over the years proven herself to belong as her businesses have flourished. She also enjoys eating right as well as taking care of her body by doing Pilates and Yoga each day. Brooke Garwood Malik has solidified her name not only in the fashion world, but also in the retail side as well. Just remember that the next gift you buy for your husband, father, brother or male friend may just have been hand picked by Brooke Garwood Malik herself.


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