It’s all about Fashion For Brooke Malik

It’s all about Fashion For Brooke Malik

Brooke Malik - Cicchini Men's Fashion Stylist

How awesome is it when someone loves what they do. That’s why it’s all about fashion for Brooke Malik  since she really enjoys her work and truly loves doing it. Ever since she was a little girl she dreamed about being in the fashion business. However, most people are very surprised when they learn that she works mostly in the men’s clothing industry. Brooke, whose entire name is Brooke Garwood Malik graduated from Central Michigan University. It was here where she attained her education in Economics and a Bachelors of Science in Business. Most of her friends were always commending her due to Brooke’s great penchant for clothing. Mrs. Malik is happily married to casino entrepreneur and business mogul Michael J. Malik Sr.
 After she completed her graduation, Miss Garwood predisposed herself to becoming a revolutionist in men’s custom clothing. It was early in 2001 when celebrated custom clothier Paul Cicchini first employed and brought her on to the Cicchini corporation.
Leading stylist and Fashionista Brooke Garwood
It was here where she ended up bringing a forceful enough change in the men’s clothing styles which earned her accolades and respect among her colleagues and friends. Soon after Brooke began working with many celebrities, people of high stature, sports stars and other professionals as well.
When Ms. Garwood was asked during an interview how she managed to make it seem so easy she simply smiled and replied “It’s all very easy when you love what you do” It’s all about fashion for the woman from Troy, Michigan. It’s all about men’s fashion and style for Brooke Malik.

Brooke Malik On Why She Loves Fashion

Brooke Garwood Malik – Fashion & Why She Loves it!

Every woman in the world loves fashion and here Brooke Garwood Malik will share with us why she loves it as well. Truth is that If you ask any woman which is one of the things they love to do most you will find the majority of them will say ‘Shopping’ and that ties right back up to fashion. Brooke Garwood is no different. It is not just because of the shopping part of it as much as being in the fashion industry aspect of it.  When any of us read about, talk about, think about and  look at anything that’s about fashion some of us think of shopping for a new outfit or something along those lines. However, when you are in the fashion industry that changes altogether. This has to do with the fact that people in the fashion industry are usually the ones who will decide what you and I end up wearing sometime in the future. Brooke Malik always loved that about fashion. Being able to somehow help shape the outcome of what men and women will wear is something every fashion designer or person in the fashion industry dreams and loves.


Erin Nicole. Michael J. Malik Sr. and His Wife Brooke Garwood Malik Posing For The Camera.

Some will be surprised to know though that Brooke is involved in the men’s fashion industry and not women.  She is a force to be reckoned with in a mostly all male dominated enterprise.
One thing about fashion and style and that is that we are constantly being told to ‘wear this’ or ‘do not wear that’. We are also hounded about colours with concepts based on “black is slimming” or “whites are only proper during” as well as “black is not your colour”. This can be frustrating and a little confusing to most of us sometimes. Brooke likes to keep things simple when it comes to her love and dedication to fashion. She decided at an early age that she was going to be in the fashion industry.

Once she went to school and set her mind on her career, she thrived in it. Of course she loves to mention the fact that her husband, Michael J. Malik Sr. (Seen with her in the photograph above) has always been very supportive of her and her dreams. In fact, Michael Malik helped Brooke by always complimenting and supporting her on so many of her projects. For those that are not familiar with Michael Malik and his accomplishments they should know that he is the man praised for bringing forth legalized gambling in many casinos within the US. Brooke notes that it was Michael’s success in this area that helped to inspire her to always move forward.

Brooke Garwood Malik Posing With Some Friends

From left to right – Sidhdharth and Lipsa Sheth of Bloomfield Hills, Brooke Malik and Anthony Notarangelo of Birmingham

When we ask Brooke Malik to tell us one reason she loves fashion so much she quickly says that “It’s about expressing yourself and letting that expression be worn by someone else” We often wonder why Mrs. Malik never became a fashion designer herself. Atlas she points out that she loves the fashion industry but also the commercial and retail end of it. After all, she points out, “There’s no greater reward than being successful doing something you love… and that people love you for it”